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Lightweight tools for tackling Scalac version incompatibilities

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12


scalac-compat is a microlibrary containing a set of lightweight tools designed to tackle mismatches between different Scala compiler versions in cross-build projects.

Currently it consists of a single module scalac-compat-annotation.


The module contains Scala version specific annotations that can help to tune a build in cases when different Scala compiler versions may treat same standard annotations differently.


The module is published for Scala 2.12.x, 2.13.x and 3.2.x:

// sbt
"org.typelevel" %% "scalac-compat-annotation" % "{{MODULE_VERSION}}"

// mill

// Scala CLI
//> using dep org.typelevel::scalac-compat-annotation:{{MODULE_VERSION}}

Then import the module annotations:

import org.typelevel.scalaccompat.annotation._

@nowarn annotation specializations

There are a set of specializations defined for @scala.annotation.nowarn that either redirect to the standard annotation or to a no-op annotation depending on a particular Scala version:

@nowarn2 @nowarn212 @nowarn213 @nowarn3
2.12 @nowarn @nowarn no-op no-op
2.13 @nowarn no-op @nowarn no-op
3 no-op no-op no-op @nowarn

Consider a case when someone has to deal with scala.collection.Stream in a cross-build project. Stream is deprecated since Scala v2.13. However, simply applying @nowarn("cat=deprecation") to methods that attempt to reference to Stream may lead to another warning on Scala version prior to v2.13:

@nowarn annotation does not suppress any warnings

Thus the specialized @nowarn annotations can come in handy here:

import org.typelevel.scalaccompat.annotation._

def reinventTheWheel: Stream[Int] = {
    .iterate((1, 1)) { case (a2, a1) => (a1, a2 + a1) }

@unused compatibility annotation

The @scala.annotation.unused annotation was introduced since Scala v2.13.x and does not exists in previous versions of Scala library. The compatibility @org.typelevel.scalaccompat.annotation.unused annotation simply redirects to the @scala.annotation.unused on versions where it exists while mimics the same behavior with @scala.annotation.nowarn for Scala v2.12.x:

redirects to
2.12 @scala.annotation.nowarn("cat=unused")
2.13 @scala.annotation.unused
3 @scala.annotation.unused
// Notice that there is no need to import `scala.annotation.unused`.
import org.typelevel.scalaccompat.annotation._

// Compiles on all supported Scala versions.
def testUnusedParam(name: String, @unused unusedParam: String): Unit = {
  // The `unusedParam` is not used withing the body.
  println(s"Hello, $name")

See more examples in ./annotation/src/test


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All code in this repository is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.