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sbt-typelevel configures sbt for developing, testing, cross-building, publishing, and documenting your Scala library on GitHub, with a focus on semantic versioning and binary compatibility. It is a collection of plugins that work well individually and even better together.


  • Auto-generated GitHub actions workflows, parallelized on Scala version and platform (JVM, JS, Native)
  • git-based dynamic versioning
  • Binary-compatibility checking with MiMa, following early semantic versioning
  • CI publishing of releases and snapshots to Sonatype/Maven
  • CI deployed GitHub pages websites generated with mdoc and Laika
  • Auto-populated settings for various boilerplate (SCM info, API doc urls, Scala.js sourcemaps, etc.)

Get Started

sbt new typelevel/typelevel.g8

Visit for a quick start example and detailed documentation. Find the Giter8 template companion project at typelevel.g8.