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Type-safe general-cryptography library - https://jmcardon.github.io/tsec/

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12
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TSEC: A type-safe, functional, general purpose security and cryptography library.

Latest Version

Latest Release: 0.5.0

This software is in the process of finding its way out of your builds. This is maintained only for compatibility and security fixes. We hope you will work with others to find solutions to this space for the Scala community.

Note about using Windows™® with tsec

Windows™® is not supported.

Feel free to fork the project and add your own windows support.


Name Description Examples
tsec-common Common crypto utilities
tsec-password Password hashers: BCrypt and Scrypt here
tsec-cipher-jca Symmetric encryption utilities here
tsec-cipher-bouncy Symmetric encryption utilities here
tsec-mac Message Authentication here
tsec-signatures Digital signatures here
tsec-hash-jca Message Digests (Hashing) here
tsec-hash-bouncy Message Digests (Hashing) here
tsec-libsodium Nicely-typed Libsodium JNI bridge here
tsec-jwt-mac JWT implementation for Message Authentication signatures here
tsec-jwt-sig JWT implementation for Digital signatures here
tsec-http4s Http4s Request Authentication and Authorization here

To include any of these packages in your project use:

val tsecV = "0.0.1-M11"
 libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-common" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-password" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-cipher-jca" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-cipher-bouncy" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-mac" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-signatures" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-hash-jca" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-hash-bouncy" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-libsodium" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-jwt-mac" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-jwt-sig" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-http4s" % tsecV

Note on contributing


A note on logging

We use log4s which is a logging facade over SLF4J. This implies you need to add a binding to your classpath. Check https://www.slf4j.org/codes.html#StaticLoggerBinder

Big Thank you to our contributors (direct or indirect):

Robert Soeldner (Contributor/Maintainer)

Christopher Davenport(Contributor/Maintainer)

Harrison Houghton(Contributor/Maintainer)

Bjørn Madsen (Contributor)

André Rouél(Contributor)

Edmund Noble (For the dank tagless)

Fabio Labella (For the great FP help)

Will Sargent (Security Discussions)