gemini-hlsw / lucuma-typed   0.5.1

Scala versions: 3.x
Scala.js versions: 1.x


A repository of Scalably Typed generated facades, and nothing more. The sources are 100% generated, so you won't find much in this repo :)

We use the ST CLI interface, rather than the sbt plugin, to generate the sources. This is so that each target npm package can be published as a separate sbt module while still sharing common dependencies with others.

To invoke the generator run lucumaTypedGenerate. This takes several minutes :)

To add a new facade, first add it to the package.json and npm install. Then in build.sbt you should setup sbt subprojects for that facade and all of its (new) transitive dependencies. Some of its transitives (such as std) will already be in the build. Additionally, you should wire up the .dependsOn relationships between all these new projects, and add them to the root aggregate.