simonjpegg / scoozie   0.4.5


Library for generating oozie workflows

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11 2.10


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Latest versions:

  • Scala 2.10: Maven
  • Scala 2.11: Maven
  • Scala 2.12: Maven

An Oozie artefact builder library for scala. it was created to allow developers to quickly generate new Oozie artefacts without copy/pasting XML and avoiding typos in the XML they create.

Scoozie was created with CDH in mind and supports oozie version 4.1.0.


Scoozie provides two modes of interaction

See the above links for more information.

Note: There appears to be an issue with submitting workflows/coordinators generated by this library via hue. Any variables containing the '=' symbol such as hive parameters are not picked up when the workflow is submitted. For now, it is recommended to submit via the command line.