mdedetrich / sbt-grunt-plugin   0.1

BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License GitHub

For kicking off grunt tasks from inside sbt

Scala versions: 2.12 2.10
sbt plugins: 1.0 0.13



This pull request from the original sbt-grunt-plugin just updates some variables and changes the organisation name to org.mdedetrich so that it can be deployed

Location is

"org.mdedetrich" %% "sbt-grunt-plugin" % "0.1"


An sbt plugin to wrap Grunt tasks and expose them as sbt tasks.

This plugin provides a gruntTask function will return an sbt task wrapping the Grunt task with the given name. You can use it to add steps to your compile or test setup in your build.sbt file, e.g.:

 (compile in Compile) <<= (compile in Compile) dependsOn (gruntTask("requirejs"))

This plugin also exposes a grunt command which can be called from the sbt console:

 > grunt jshint  # run the "jshint" grunt task
 Running "jshint" (jshint) task
 >> 150 files lint free.
 Done, without errors.