kitlangton / neotype   0.1.6


A friendly newtype library for Scala 3

Scala versions: 3.x
Scala.js versions: 1.x


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A friendly newtype library for Scala 3.

"io.github.kitlangton" %% "neotype" % "0.1.5"


  • Compile-time Checked Values
  • Write validations as plain, old Scala expressions
  • Very Helpful Error Messages (see below)
  • No Runtime Allocations (Thanks to inline and opaque type)
  • Ability to integrate with other libraries (e.g. zio-json, circe, etc.)


import neotype.*

// Define a newtype:
given NonEmptyString: Newtype[String] with
  // Hey, a plain old Scala expression!
  inline def validate(input: String): Boolean =

// Wrap values, which checked at compile-time:
NonEmptyString("Hello") // OK
NonEmptyString("")      // Compile Error
Error: /Users/kit/code/neotype/examples/src/main/scala/neotype/examples/Main.scala:9:16 
  —— Newtype Error ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
  NonEmptyString was called with an INVALID String.
  input: ""
  check: input.nonEmpty


Neotype integrates with the following libraries.

  • zio-json
  • zio-config
  • tapir
  • quill
  • circe

ZIO Json Example

import neotype.*
import neotype.ziojson.*
import zio.json.*

type NonEmptyString = NonEmptyString.Type
given NonEmptyString: Newtype[String] with
  inline def validate(value: String): Boolean = value.nonEmpty
  override inline def failureMessage = "String must not be empty"

case class Person(name: NonEmptyString, age: Int) derives JsonCodec

val parsed = """{"name": "Kit", "age": 30}""".fromJson[Person]
// Right(Person(NonEmptyString("Kit"), 30))

val failed = """{"name": "", "age": 30}""".fromJson[Person]
// Left(".name(String must not be empty)")

By importing neotype.ziojson.*, we automatically generate a JsonCodec for NonEmptyString. Custom failure messages are also supported (by overriding def failureMessage in the Newtype definition).