intelix / reactiveservices   0.1.3

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Framework for building Reactive Streaming systems with SPA Websocket clients

Scala versions: 2.11

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What is it?

Framework for building Reactive Streaming systems with SPA Websocket clients


  • Low latency (sub-ms) and high throughput (100,000s/sec)
  • Out-of-the-box Fault tolerance and High Availability with automatic service discovery, split brain recovery and unlimited possibilities of scaling
  • Micro-services oriented
  • Powerful testing framework and DSL
  • Powered by Reactive Streams and Akka
  • Scala and Java (coming soon) API

Sample application built with the framework: "screen1" See

1 minute intro

Create a service:

class PriceSourceService extends StatelessServiceActor {

Map subject subscription to stream id:

onSubjectMapping {
    case Subject(_, TopicKey(instrument), _) => instrument

Add stream lifecycle hooks:

onStreamActive {
  case SimpleStreamId(instrument) => instruments += instrument
onStreamPassive {
  case SimpleStreamId(instrument) => instruments -= instrument

At any point, publish data into the stream:

instrument !# ("price" -> getPrice)

Define and configure the service: = "rs.examples.stocks.PriceSourceService"
price-source.custom-config-param = "some value"

On the client side, subscribe to the stream:

return React.createClass({

    mixins: [RSMixin],

    getInitialState: function () {
        return {data: false};

    subscriptionConfig: function (props) {
        return [
                service: "price-source",
                topic: "AUDUSD",
                ostateKey: "data"
    onTrade: function () {
        var data =;
        this.sendSignal("price-source", "trade", {instrument: "AUDUSD", price: data.price});
    render: function () {

        var data =;

        if (!data) return <div>Loading ...</div>;

        var price = <span>{data.price} <a href="#" onClick={this.onTrade}>Buy</a></span>;

        return <span>{data.price} <a href="#" onClick={this.onTrade}>Buy</a></span>;


Receive the trade signal on the service side:

onSignal {
    case (Subject(_, TopicKey("trade"), UserId(uid)), data: String) =>
      // pocess data

Refer to reactiveservices-examples/stocks for a complete runnable sample app.