indoorvivants / sn-bindgen   0.0.23

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Scala 3 native binding generator + libclang facade

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12
Scala Native versions: 0.4
sbt plugins: 1.0

Bindings generator for Scala 3 Native

Distributed as a SBT plugin and a CLI program, this project generates idiomatic Scala 3 Native bindings to C libraries.

Status (February 2023): project is actively maintained, CLI interface is considered more stable than the interface in build tool plugins, but both aren't guaranteed to not change until v0.1.0

  • Generates glue C code to work around Scala Native's missing interop features
  • Strongly typed (where possible) interfaces to structs, unions, and functions
  • Supports named enums
  • Collects unnamed enums into a single location
  • Extra flags to work around compiler deficiencies

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  • Generated bindings do not run on the JVM, only on Scala Native

  • In cases where Scala Native cannot encode certain C idioms, glue C code is generated

  • The generator itself is implemented in Scala 3 Native with some C glue code to libclang

  • Only C header files are supported

  • Due to lack of Apple M1 runners, I am not able to build binaries for that platform. For local work, you can checkout the repo at the version you want and run

    $ sbt devPublish

    Which will build the binary for your platform and publish it locally