indoorvivants / opaque-newtypes   0.0.2

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Scala versions: 3.x
Scala.js versions: 1.x
Scala Native versions: 0.4

Opaque newtypes

Internal library to define convenient newtypes.

Incubated in various versions in the following projects:

JVM Scala.js (1.x) Scala Native (0.4.x)
Scala 3.2.x

See tests for usage.


"com.indoorvivants" %%% "opaque-newtypes" % "<version>" // SBT
"com.indoorvivants::opaque-newtypes::<version>" // Mill, Scala CLI

What does "internal" mean?

It means that version compatibility is not enforced, the usage patterns are tailored for how I see things, and in general I would alter things at will with little to know consideration for downstream users - it being internal, I assume myself to be the target audience.

That said, I welcome (and will gladly give credit) all cool ideas and contributions. To balance those two seemingly opposite intentions, I strive to keep the licence as permissive as possible and the code structure as conducive to copypasta as possible.

The reason it's public is because I'm already paying more than I want for private Github Actions minutes and it's eating rapidly into my family's food budget (joke).