dwolla / scala-aws-utils   1.6.2

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Utilities for interacting with the AWS SDKs from Scala

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

Scala AWS Utilities

Dwolla/scala-aws-utils CI license

Utilities package for working with the Java AWS SDKs from Scala and SBT.

Projects including this library will also need to explicitly include the AWS SDK libraries they will rely on, to avoid inadvertently importing more libraries than are required.



"com.dwolla" %% "scala-aws-utils" % "1.4.0"

Test Kit

"com.dwolla" %% "scala-aws-utils-testkit" % "1.4.0" % Test

The test kit provides helpers to make mocking the Amazon Async Clients easier. The clients have interfaces like

java.util.concurrent.Future<DescribeInstancesResult> describeInstancesAsync(DescribeInstancesRequest describeInstancesRequest,
                                                                            AsyncHandler<DescribeInstancesRequest, DescribeInstancesResult> asyncHandler)

Because the method returns a Java Future, the “return value” for the function is actually returned by invoking a method on the passed AsyncHandler. This is inconvenient to set up.

Instead, the test kit provides a DSL for setting up the mocks. For example:

import com.dwolla.awssdk.AmazonAsyncMockingImplicits._

val mockClient = mock[AmazonEC2Async]

mockedMethod(mockClient.describeInstancesAsync) answers (
  new DescribeInstancesRequest().withInstanceIds("i-instance")  new DescribeInstancesResult(),
  new DescribeInstancesRequest()  new AmazonServiceException("access denied exception intentionally thrown by test")

The mocked method is provided with a mapping of AmazonWebServiceRequest instances of the correct type to the expected results. The results can either be actual result instances or exceptions to be thrown.