creativescala / krop   0.6.0

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A simple and functional web service library

Scala versions: 3.x
Scala.js versions: 1.x


A compositional web service library that is easy to use. Let a thousand websites bloom.

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This is an experiment to see if http4s can be made easy to use. The goal is to have an amazing developer experience while keeping the core practices of functional programming that are currently embodied by http4s: compositionality and abstraction.

Key points:

  • Single import to access all functionality
  • Default to IO and hide it's usage as far as possible. Tagless final is pointless ceremony for most applications.
  • Wrap generic types like Kleisli so that only domain specific functionality is exposed.
  • Default routing DSL that is discoverable (i.e. not using pattern matching).
  • Make very simple things, like creating mostly static sites, very easy.

As an example of what we're aiming for, take a look at the Phoenix framework. Elixir is not a popular language but this framework has outstanding documentation and a well defined story for every common use case.