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T-streams is embedded library for high-performance transactional messaging

Scala versions: 2.11


T-streams library implements transactional persistent queues for exactly-once, batch message exchange in PUB-SUB mode.


T-streams (transactional streams) is a Scala library and infrastructure components which implement transactional messaging, important for many practical applications including CEP (complex event processing), financial and business-critical systems that must handle an event exactly-once and sometimes at-least-once or at-most-once.

Basically, T-streams is designed for exacly-once processing (so it includes idempotent producer, consumer and subscriber). T-streams conceptual design is inspired by Apache Kafka.

T-streams library uses robust data management systems for operation:

  • Apache Zookeeper – distributed coordination
  • Apache BookKeeper – eventually consisted replicated commit log system
  • RocksDB – operational storage

It’s implemented with Scala 2.12, Apache Curator, Google Netty, Google Guava and other standard sound components purposed for the development of reliable distributed applications.



T-streams library is licensed under Apache 2.0 license.


T-streams library is created by Bitworks Software, Ltd.

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