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Functional programming toolkit for building server applications in Scala.

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12

Scala Server Toolkit

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This project is a culmination of years of Scala development at Avast and tries to represent the best practices of Scala server development we have gained together with tools that allow us to be effective. It is a set of small, flexible and cohesive building blocks that fit together well and allow you to build reliable server applications.

Jump Right In

You can use the official Giter8 template to get started:

sbt new avast/sst-seed.g8


Read it here or you can deep dive into example code.




There are certain design decisions and constraints that are put in place to guide the development of the toolkit and recommended for the development of your server applications.

  • Keep the number of dependencies as low as possible.
  • Modular design: small, cohesive, orthogonal and composable components.
  • Functional programming.
  • Type safe configuration and resource lifecycle.
  • No need for dependency injection.
  • Scalazzi Safe Scala Subset


Please report issues to GitHub. Pull requests are always welcome.


The project follows the semantic versioning schema which means that just by looking at the version you will know whether to expect compatibility problems or not.

The project values backwards compatibility but it cannot prevent innovation. There will be breaking changes but they will always be properly versioned and documented.



Code of Conduct



Scala Server Toolkit is licensed under MIT License.