Karat 💜 Scalacheck

Black-box testing of stateful systems using properties

This library provides the ability to generate traces of actions to test properties of a stateful system. karat-scalacheck builds upon the property-based testing capabilities of Scalacheck. In order to express how the system evolves over time, new temporal operators have been introduced, such as always and eventually.

When we test using properties, the inputs are generated randomly, and then fed to the test body, that performs the corresponding checks. In any case, generators represent a single value. With karat-scalacheck you gain the ability to produce arbitrary traces of actions, which are applied in sequence. At each step, properties can be checked.

libraryDependencies += "com.xebia" %% "karat-scalacheck"        % "0.0.6" % Test
libraryDependencies += "com.xebia" %% "karat-scalacheck-effect" % "0.0.6" % Test


karat-scalacheck is designed and developed by Xebia Functional

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