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TAXII 2.0 client library in scala

Scala versions: 2.12

TAXII 2.0 client library in scala

taxii2Lib is a Scala library that provides a set of classes and methods for building clients to TAXII 2.0 servers.

[1] Trusted Automated Exchange of Intelligence Information (TAXII) is an application layer protocol used to exchange cyber threat intelligence (CTI) over HTTPS. TAXII enables organizations to share CTI by defining an API that aligns with common sharing models. TAXII 2.0 Specification defines the TAXII RESTful API and its resources along with the requirements for TAXII Client and Server implementations.

taxii2lib uses asynchronous requests to fetch TAXII 2.0 server resources. It provides the following endpoints:

  • Server, endpoint for retrieving the discovery and api roots resources.
  • ApiRoot, endpoint for retrieving the api roots resources.
  • Collections, endpoint for retrieving the list of collection resources.
  • Collection, endpoint for retrieving a collection resource and associated objects.
  • Status, endpoint for retrieving a status resource.


The following TAXII 2.0 API services are supported with these corresponding async methods:

  • Server Discovery --> server.discovery
  • Get API Root Information --> server.api_roots(), server.api_roots(i)
  • Get Collections --> collections.collections(range), collections.collections(i) and collections.get(i)
  • Get Objects --> collection.getObjects(filter, range)
  • Add Objects --> collection.addObject(bundle)
  • Get an Object --> collection.getObject(obj_id, filter)
  • Get Object Manifests --> collection.getManifests(filter, range)
  • Get Status --> status.get()

The class TaxiiConnection provides the async communication to the server.


import com.kodekutters.taxii._
// a connection object with a 5 seconds timeout
val conn = new TaxiiConnection("", "guest", "guest", 5)
val server = new Server("/taxii/", conn) => println("---> discovery " + Json.prettyPrint(Json.toJson(d))))

See also testtaxii for a simple test of taxii2Lib.

See the TAXII 2.0 Specification for the list of attributes of the TAXII 2.0 server responses.

Installation and packaging

To use the latest release (from Maven Central) add the following dependency to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.workingDog" %% "taxii2lib" % "0.6"

The current source code version is 0.7-SNAPSHOT using scala 2.13.0.

To compile and package taxii2lib from source use SBT. To compile and generate a jar file from source:

sbt package

This will produce a jar file "taxii2lib_2.13-0.7-SNAPSHOT.jar" in the "./target/scala-2.13" directory for use in Scala applications.

To publish the libraries to your local repository, simply type:

sbt publishLocal

Then put this in your Scala app build.sbt file

libraryDependencies += "com.github.workingDog" %% "taxii2lib" % "0.7-SNAPSHOT" 

Dependencies and requirements

See build.sbt for the code dependencies.

Note: Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength is needed for TLS-1.2 https connections. With Java 1.8.0_152 and above to enable TLS-1.2 use the following code at the start of your app:

Security.setProperty("crypto.policy", "unlimited")

With older Java you need to download the JCE from Oracle and follow the installation instructions.


  1. TAXII 2.0 Specification
  2. STIX 2.0 Specifications


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