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The service container is a lightweight framework that provides the ability to build micro-services

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11 2.10

Service Container

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The service container is a lightweight framework that provides the ability to build microservices. It contains a built-in Http server and utilizes both Akka and Akka HTTP at it's core. The service container is fully SaaS ready as it provides functionality for recording metrics and for tracking the health of your service.

There are a few sub-projects in this repository and here is a list of those currently available.

  • service-container : The core framework
  • service-container-metrics-reporting : Support for external reporting of gathered metrics
  • service-container-examples : A few examples that can be used for reference as well as run for testing

How To

There are several aspects to utilizing the functionality contained within the Service Container and it's supporting libraries. This section outlines the available functionality and how to best utilize the framework.


As with any framework, it is important to allow custom configuration. The Service Container supports enhanced configuration and follow the standard Typesafe Config rollup patterns.


Builtin Service Container endpoints

In order to allow our internal users and systems to self-discover the health of services, the Service Container will expose canned endpoints. These endpoints can be used for such things as checking health, monitoring, and other various purposes.



The Service Container implements logic to track metrics within the system. It automatically tracks JVM and other internal metrics. The framework also provides the ability to track any number of custom metrics. Once metrics are gathered, the can be accessed by the /metrics endpoint and written out using any number of metrics reporters.



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