virtuslab / beholder   3.0.3


Small slick lib for create views on on database

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11 2.10

Beholder: Play-Slick library for data presentation

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Standard part of many application are list of data that is not a effect of simple query from one table but junction and aggregation of data from many tables. Beholder provides support for such elemets.


  • views as table
  • declaring filters for data
  • support for sorting, filtering on multiple (custom) datatypes



Feel free to use it, test it and to contribute!

Getting beholder

For latest version (Scala 2.11.7 compatible) use:

libraryDependencies += "org.virtuslab" %% "beholder" % "1.1.0"

Or see Maven repository for 2.10 and 2.11.


Lets assume that we created simple entries

case class MachineId(id: Long) extends AnyVal with BaseId
case class UserId(id: Long) extends AnyVal with BaseId

and junction table joined them by ids.

Defining view

Usually for data in view does not came form single table so we have to create view that is materialisation of some query. Beholder provides such utility. We can create Slick's table that operate on view (it is read only).

case class UserMachineView(email: String, system: String, cores: Int)

val usersMachinesQuery = for {
  user <- Users
  userMachine <- UserMachines if === userMachine.userId
  machine <- Machines if === userMachine.machineId
} yield (user, machine)

val UsersMachineView = FilterableViews.createView(name = "USERS_MACHINE_VIEW",
  apply = UserMachineView.apply _,
  unapply = UserMachineView.unapply _,
  baseQuery = usersMachinesQuery) {
  case (user, machine) =>
    //naming the fields
    ("email" ->,
      "system" -> machine.system,
      "cores" -> machine.cores)


Defining filter

We create a filter by specify table query (view or normal table) and mapping for field

val UsersMachineFilter = new FiltersGenerator[UserMachineView].create(view,

Do the filtering from request

  errors => handleError(),
  filterData => showResult(UsersMachineFilter.filter(filterData))