videoamp / ammonium-util   2.0.1

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Ammonium utils, principally for bootstrapping a Flint Spark session

Scala versions: 2.11

VideoAmp's Ammonium Utils

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These utilities consist principally of a bootstrapping system for connecting to a Flint Spark cluster from an Ammonium shell or Jupyter Scala notebook.


Assuming you have a Flint Spark master running at ip address masterIP, run

interp.load.ivy("com.videoamp" %% "ammonium-util" % "2.0.2")
# dc3
vamp.ammonium.bootstrap(masterIP, env="dc3")
# use1
vamp.ammonium.bootstrap(masterIP, env="use1")

in a Jupyter Scala notebook to bind a SparkConf to the sparkConf variable in your notebook environment. After configuring Spark through sparkConf, you can access a bootstrapped and configured SparkSession with the spark notebook variable.