This repository has been deprecated by the owner.

verizon / funnel   5.2.145

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DEPRECATED: Reasonable monitoring for distributed systems

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10



Funnel has been officially deprecated and is no longer maintained. The recomended alternitive is Prometheus which has a similar design to Funnel, so migration is fairly straight-forward.

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A distributed monitoring system based on a lightweight streaming protocol. To get started, please read the appropriate documentation.


Funnel operates an automated release system. Any merges to master produce a usable release provided the tests pass. The policy is as follows .. where features are source compatible, and patches are binary compatible.


Contributions are welcome; please send a pull request or raise an issue as appropriate.

All development and test phase logging controls are configured from the logback-test.xml files the etc directory in the root of the project. Likewise, all development configuration files are checked into the etc folder to ensure that local development and testing configurations never accidentally make it into a certified release.