ubirch / ubirch-key-service   0.11.2

Apache License 2.0 GitHub

ubirch key service

Scala versions: 2.11


General Information

This project serves as a keyserver but unlike PGP keyservers it has additional features (for example, uploading pub keys is only possible if you control the private key, too).


Config Item Mandatory Description
ubirchKeyService.neo4j.host no Neo4j host (defaults to "localhost")
ubirchKeyService.neo4j.port no Neo4j port (defaults to 7474)
ubirchKeyService.neo4j.userName no Neo4j user name (defaults to "")
ubirchKeyService.neo4j.password no Neo4j password (defaults to "")
ubirchKeyService.neo4j.https no Neo4j password (defaults to "")

Deployment Notes

This service has the following dependencies:

  • Neo4j 3.3.x (constraints and indices are created during server startup)

Automated Tests

run all tests

./sbt test

Most tests are in the following modules:

  • core
  • client-rest

generate coverage report

./sbt coverageReport

more details here: https://github.com/scoverage/sbt-scoverage

Create Docker Image

./goBuild.sh assembly