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Utilities for working with Ionic encryption via Spark.

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

Ionic Spark Util

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A set of utilities for working with Ionic encryption in Spark.

Main components include

  • transformers (for working with dataframes)
  • caching and key re-use
  • mocks and other testing tools

Currently scala only, though python and java support are planned.


See more in "/examples".

Using the transformer

The core feature of this library is a Spark transformer that makes it easy to encrypt or decrypt columns.

import io.github.turtlemonvh.ionicsparkutils.KeyServicesCache;
import io.github.turtlemonvh.ionicsparkutils.{Transformers => IonicTransformers};
import com.ionic.sdk.agent.Agent
import com.ionic.sdk.device.profile.persistor.DeviceProfiles

def agentFactory(): KeyServices = {
  // Load profile JSON from whatever secure storage you have available
  // Each cloud provider has secret store interfaces that work well here
  val threadLocalAgent = new Agent(new DeviceProfiles(profileJson))
  // Wrap in a cache layer so that each a single key is used for each transform operation
  new KeyServicesCache(threadLocalAgent)

// A new column will be added named "ionic_enc_mycolumn"
// You probably want to call `.drop` and `.withColumnRenamed` on the
// resulting dataset to clean things up.
val encryptedDF = mydataset
  encryptCols = List("mycolumn"),
  decryptCols = List(),
  agentFactory = agentFactory


Works for basic operations. Spark API is likely to change in future releases.


# Start a shell
$ sbt
# Compile the code
> compile
# Run the tests
> test
# Get a list of all tests
> show test:definedTests
# Run a subset of tests
> testOnly io.github.turtlemonvh.ionicsparkutils.TestAgentTest
# Reload after changes to build.sbt and friends
> reload

Junit tests are sometimes skipped by sbt. Running clean seems to consistently fix this behavior. Test results are dumped in target/test-reports/*.xml.