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A really simple http client library for scala

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11 2.10


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A really simple http library implemented in scala with no dependencies


Client Usage

Add the following lines to your build.sbt

libraryDependencies += "io.shaka" %% "naive-http" % "126"

Start hacking

import io.shaka.http.Http.http
import io.shaka.http.Request.{GET, POST}
val response = http(GET("http://www.google.com"))
//Add header
import io.shaka.http.HttpHeader.USER_AGENT
val response = http(GET("http://www.google.com").header(USER_AGENT,"my agent"))
//Post JSON
import io.shaka.http.ContentType.APPLICATION_JSON
val response = http(POST("http://some/json/server").contentType(APPLICATION_JSON).entity("""{"foo":"bar"}"""))
//Post form parameters
val response = http(POST("http://some/json/server").entity("""{"foo":"bar"}""").formParameters(FormParameter("name","value")))
//Specify a timeout in milli seconds (same value used for both connect and read)
implicit val timeout = Timeout(1000)
val response = http(GET("http://www.google.com"))
//Specify a proxy
implicit val proxy = io.shaka.http.proxy("my.proxy.server", 8080)
val response = http(GET("http://www.google.com"))
implicit val proxy = io.shaka.http.proxy("my.proxy.server", 8080, "proxyUser", "proxyPassword")
val response = http(GET("http://www.google.com"))
//Trust all SSL certificates (globally)
import io.shaka.http.Https.TrustAllSslCertificates
//Trust all SSL certificates (non-globally)
import io.shaka.http.Https.HttpsConfig
implicit val https: Option[HttpsConfig] = Some(HttpsConfig(TrustAnyServer))
val response = http(GET("https://someurl"))
//Use a trust store containing all the certificates that the client trusts
import io.shaka.http.Https.TrustServersByTrustStore
implicit val https = HttpsConfig(TrustServersByTrustStore("src/test/resources/certs/server-truststore.jks", "password"))
val response = http(GET("https://someurl"))
//Use a key store containing the client certificate for connecting to http servers using SSL mutual-auth
import io.shaka.http.Https.UseKeyStore
implicit val mutualSslAuth: Option[HttpsConfig] = Some(HttpsConfig(
  TrustServersByTrustStore("src/test/resources/certs/server-truststore.jks", "password"),
  UseKeyStore("src/test/resources/certs/keystore-testing-client.jks", "password")
val response = http(GET("https://someurl"))
//Basic auth
val response = http(GET("https://someurl").basicAuth("me","myPassword"))

For more examples see

Server Usage


Code license

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