thehive-project / sbt-github-changelog   1.13.6

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Generate change log from Github repository

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


sbt-github-changelog is a simple sbt plugins that generates a change log file from Github milestone content.


How to use

This plugin requires sbt 1.3+

Add the following line in your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("org.thehive-project" % "sbt-github-changelog" % "0.2.0")

You need to generate a Github authentication token and store it in the file ~/.github/token

Under a Github project repository, run the task changeLog


The Github authentication token can be stored in sbt file (but don't commit it) using the setting token.

By default, sbt-github-changelog reads the authentication token from the file tokenFile (which is $HOME/.github/token by default).

The task changeLog generates the change log file in changeLogFile ( by default).

The plugin extracts the project name and owner from git remote configuration (.git/config). These values can be set using the setting githubProject:

githubProject := "TheHive-Project" -> "sbt-github-changelog"

Inside a milestone, issues are grouped according to its type. You can configure types by defining labels associated with:

issueTypes := Seq(
  "Fixed bugs" -> Seq("bug"),
  "Implemented enhancements" -> Seq("enhancement", "feature request")

If no type is found, the defaultIssueType is used.

This plugin doesn't support pagination when it retrieves data from Github. This means that there is a maximum number of milestones (maxMilestones), and a maximum number of issues in milestone (maxIssues). Both are set to 100 by default.

Milestone and issue can be filtered using milestoneFilter and issueFilter:

milestoneFilter := ((milestone: Milestone) => !milestone.title.contains("-RC"))
issueFilter     := ((issue: Issue)         => !issue.labels.contains("wontfix"))

Custom rendering

You can customize renderring of issue, milestone and whole change log:

import org.thp.ghcl._

issueRenderer := ((issue: Issue)  s"- ${issue.title} [\\#${issue.number}](${issue.url})"),
milestoneRenderer := { (milestone: Milestone) 
  val date = DateTimeFormatter
    .map {
      case (t, issues) 
      s"## [${milestone.title}](${milestone.url}) ($date)\n\n",
changeLogRenderer := { (milestones: Seq[Milestone]) 
  "# Change Log\n\n" + milestones