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Base classes and structure create Scala-based domain models.

Scala versions: 2.13


The dominion library is a very thin layer of base classes that provide the basic framework for defining Domain Objects for your application in Scala. The main idea behind this library is to encourage the separation of the declarative definition of your Domain from the more imperative task of retrieve, mutating, and persisting the objects. As such, you will see in the directory structure an api section that declares base abstractions for define Objects and ObjectGroups and, under the libs section you will see base classes for manipulating those objects certain different persistent stores.

Deployment Info

This library is published as a jar file on Any time we push to master, the Whipsaw jar is built and released to Sonatype as a snapshot. This is all done with the help of sbt-ci-release. From that site:

git tag pushes are published as regular releases to Maven Central merge into main commits are published as -SNAPSHOT with a unique version number for every commit So, in order to push a snapshot you would just push code to the master branch here. To push a new release, you would push a tag like so:

git push origin v0.1.6
Newly published jars should be visible on the Sonatype repo via this search.

Testing Info

The Dominion library has some tests that make use of the MongoDB persistence layer. In order to be able to run the tests locally, you would need to have a MongoDB database up and running. Assuming you have docker installed, this line should do the trick:

mkdir ~/mongo-data
docker run -d -p 27017:27017 -v ~/mongo-data:/data/db  mongo