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Fast, stable, boilerplate-free, simple Bittrex REST API Scala client implementation.

Scala versions: 2.12

Bittrex Scala Client

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Bittrex Scala Client is Scala library that implements fast, robust, simple and stable http client for Bittrex REST API.

Quick Start

To use Bittrex Scala Client in an existing SBT project with Scala 2.12.4, add the following dependency to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.taintech" %% "bittrex-client" % "0.2"

Create instance of http client and start hacking:

val bittrexClient = BittrexClient()

For a full example of project you can have a look at this GitHub Repo.

Public API is available without any configuration.

Bittrex Scala Client implements all API methods under official documentation in Bittrex API

Market and Account API

To Use Market and Account APIs you need to create API keys under your account in Bittrex go to Settings -> Manage API Keys. Then create configuration file src/main/resources/application.conf:

bittrex-client {
  host = "bittrex.com"
  port = 443
  api-path = "/api/v1.1"
  account-key = {
    api-key = "<your-api-key>"
    api-secret = "<your-api-secret>"

To create orders in bittrex, don't forget to whitelist your IP address in Bittrex Settings.

Under the hood

Bittrex Scala Client mostly reflects all REST calls available from Bittrex API, except few modifications. All avaiable methods are listed in BittrexClient.scala:

trait PublicApi extends RestApi {
  def getMarkets: Future[List[Market]]
  def getCurrencies: Future[List[CurrencyInfo]]
  def getTicker(market: String): Future[Ticker]
  def getMarketSummaries: Future[List[MarketSummary]]
  def getMarketSummary(market: String): Future[List[MarketSummary]]
  def getOrderBook(market: String, orderType: OrderBookType): Future[OrderBook]
  def getMarketHistory(market: String): Future[List[Trade]]

trait MarketApi extends RestApi {
  def buyLimit(market: String,
               quantity: BigDecimal,
               rate: BigDecimal): Future[OrderUuid]
  def sellLimit(market: String,
                quantity: BigDecimal,
                rate: BigDecimal): Future[OrderUuid]
  def cancel(orderUuid: OrderUuid): Future[Done]
  def openOrders(market: String): Future[List[OpenOrder]]

trait AccountApi extends RestApi {
  def getBalances: Future[List[Balance]]
  def getBalance(currency: String): Future[Balance]
  def getDepositAddress(currency: String): Future[CryptoAddress]
  def accountWithdraw(currency: String,
                      quantity: BigDecimal,
                      address: String,
                      paymentId: Option[String]): Future[OrderUuid]
  def getOrder(orderUuid: OrderUuid): Future[ClosedOrder]
  def getOrderHistory(market: Option[String]): Future[List[OrderHistory]]
  def getWithdrawalHistory(
      currency: Option[String]): Future[List[WithdrawalHistory]]
  def getDepositHistory(currency: Option[String]): Future[List[DepositHistory]]

Mainly used dependencies are: