See play-iso readme

Release note

v3.0.2 (require: slick 3.2.1)

  • Update scala to 2.12.2
  • Update play to 2.6.2

v3.0.1 (require: slick 3.2.1)

  • Update slick to 3.2.1

v3.0.0 (require: slick 3.2.x and scala 2.12)

  • Major play upgrade to 3.6.x
  • Update scala version to 2.12.x

v2.0.0 (require: slick 3.2.x)

  • Major slick upgrade to 3.2.x

v1.2.0 (require: slick 3.1.x)

  • Remove (non working) support of jto-validation
  • Remove (not used) support of form/play-json, in order cut dependencies
  • Minor update of Play/Sbt/Scala version

v1.1.3 (require: slick 3.0.x)

  • Experimental support of jto-validation iso rules/writes


As this project is a derivative work (uses a modified version of the Slick isomorphism macro ) it carries Slick's Typesafe license (BSD 2-clause).