sumologic-labs / sumobot   3.0.2

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Sumo Logic Slack bot.

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11

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Sumo Bot

Very early work on a Slack ChatOps bot, written in Akka/Scala.


Released under Apache 2.0 License.

Starting Sumo Bot

Sumo Bot supports running on Slack or on a debug HTTP server (but only one at a time). All configuration is stored in config/sumobot.conf. You can see sample sumobot.conf in config/sumobot.conf.example.

Running on Slack

You will need a Slack API token. You need to add following lines to your config/sumobot.conf:

slack {
  api.token = "..."

Running on HTTP server

To run server locally, add following lines to your config/sumobot.conf:

http {
  host = "localhost"
  port = 8080

After starting Sumo Bot, you can visit started server at http://localhost:8080/.

To run server exposed to external world, change host to For advanced configuration options, see: config/sumobot.conf.example.

[Dev] How to build

To build project in default Scala version:

gradlew build

To build project in any supported Scala version:

gradlew build -PscalaVersion=2.12.17

[Dev] Testing

For testing, change your consumer pom.xml or to depend on the SNAPSHOT version generated. Make sure, your consumer can resolve artifacts from a local repository.

[Dev] Managing Scala versions

This project supports multiple versions of Scala. Supported versions are listed in

  • supportedScalaVersions - list of supported versions (Gradle prevents building with versions from outside this list)
  • defaultScalaVersion - default version of Scala used for building - can be overridden with -PscalaVersion

[Dev] How to release new version

  1. Make sure you have all credentials - access to Open Source vault in 1Password.
    1. Can login as sumoapi
    2. Can import and verify the signing key:
      gpg --import ~/Desktop/api.private.key
      gpg-agent --daemon
      touch a
      gpg --use-agent --sign a
      gpg -k
    3. Have nexus and signing credentials in ~/.gradle/
  2. Remove -SNAPSHOT suffix from version in build.gradle
  3. Make a release branch with Scala version and project version, ex. sumobot-3.0.3:
    export RELEASE_VERSION=sumobot-3.0.3
    git checkout -b ${RELEASE_VERSION}
    git add build.gradle
    git commit -m "[release] ${RELEASE_VERSION}"
  4. Perform a release in selected Scala versions:
    ./gradlew build publish -PscalaVersion=2.12.17
    ./gradlew build publish -PscalaVersion=2.13.10
  5. Go to, search for com.sumologic, close and release your repo. NOTE: If you had to login, reload the URL. It doesn't take you to the right page post-login
  6. Update the and with the new version and set upcoming snapshot version in build.gradle, ex. 3.0.4-SNAPSHOT
  7. Commit the change and push as a PR:
    git add build.gradle
    git commit -m "[release] Updating version after release ${RELEASE_VERSION}"
    git push