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Scalamu is a mutation testing engine for Scala.

Getting started

CLI quick start

Although the preferred method is to use SBT/IntelliJ plugin scalamu can be run from the command line too. Simply download org.scalamu.entry-point jar and launch it from the command line as follows:

java -jar %path to scalamu jar% \
    %optional configuration parameters%
    %report directory% \
    %directories containing source files% \
    %directories containing test classes% \

For an in-depth explanation on configuration parameters see usage info below.

Usage: scalamu-cli [options] <reportDir> <sourceDirs> <testClassDirs>

  <reportDir>              directory to create reports in
  <sourceDirs>             list of source directories
  <testClassDirs>          list of test class directories
  --cp <value>             list of "compile" classpath elements
  --tcp <value>            list of "test" classpath elements
  --jvmOpts <value>        arguments for forked JVM running tests
  --mutations <value>      set of active mutators
  --includeSource <regex1>,<regex2>..
                           only mutate certain source files
  --includeTestClasses <regex1>,<regex2>..
                           only run certain test classes
  --testOptions framework1=optionString1, framework2=optionString2...
                           per framework test runner options
  --scalacOptions <value>  options to be passed to scalac
  --timeoutFactor <value>  factor to apply to normal test duration before considering being stuck in a loop
  --timeoutConst <value>   flat amount of additional time for mutation analysis test runs
  --parallelism <value>    number of runners used to perform mutation analysis
  --verbose                be verbose about every step
  --recompileOnly          do not perform mutation analysis (internal testing option)

SBT quick start

See sbt-scalamu

IntelliJ quick start

IntelliJ integration is currently in the works.


Scalamu was hugely inspired by PIT an amazing mutation testing system for JVM.