sttp-scribe - sttp backend for ScribeJava

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A backend implementation for sttp that allows you to use ScribeJava as a backend. Now you can call OAuth endpoints using sttp!


Add sttp-scribe, sttp and Scribe to your project:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "software.purpledragon"         %% "sttp-scribe"      % <version>,
  "com.softwaremill.sttp.client"  %% "core"             % "2.1.2",
  "com.github.scribejava"         %  "scribejava-apis"  % "6.9.0",    

Setup your Scribe service:

val service = new ServiceBuilder("api-key")

Create a token provider:

val tokenProvider = new OAuth2TokenProvider() {
  private var currentToken: Option[OAuth2AccessToken] = None

  override def accessTokenForRequest: OAuth2AccessToken = {
    currentToken.getOrElse { 
      // fetch from DB or another source

  override def tokenRenewed(newToken: OAuth2AccessToken): Unit = {
    currentToken = Some(newToken)
    // persist token to DB

Then create a ScribeOAuth20Backend and use sttp to make authenticated calls:

implicit val backend: SttpBackend[Identity, Nothing, NothingT] = 
  new ScribeOAuth20Backend(service, tokenProvider)

val response = basicRequest

The Scribe backend will take care of refreshing the access token when it expires and retrying the current API call.