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Free Elasticsearch security plugin and Kibana security plugin: super-easy Kibana multi-tenancy, Encryption, Authentication, Authorization, Auditing

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Thanks Jeff Saxe for donating!

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Readonly REST Elasticsearch Plugin

Expose the high performance HTTP server embedded in Elasticsearch directly to the public, safely blocking any attempt to delete or modify your data.

In other words... no more proxies! Yay Ponies!

Key Features

Tiny memory overhead, blazing fast networking 🚀

Other security plugins are replacing the high performance, Netty based, embedded REST API of Elasticsearch with Tomcat, Jetty or other cumbersome XML based JEE madness.

This plugin instead is just a lightweight pure-Java filtering layer. Even the SSL layer is provided as an extra Netty transport handler.

Fewer moving parts

Some suggest to spin up a new HTTP proxy (Varnish, NGNix, HAProxy) between ES and clients to filter out malicious access with regular expressions on HTTP methods and paths. This is a bad idea for two reasons:

  • You're introducing more complexity in your architecture.
  • Reasoning about security at HTTP level is risky, flaky and less granular than controlling access at the internal Elasticsearch protocol level.

The only clean way to do the access control is AFTER Elasticsearch has parsed the queries.

Just set a few rules with this plugin and confidently open it up to the external world.

All the available rules in detail

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This project was incepted in this StackOverflow thread.


Thanks Ivan Brusic for publishing this guide

Development guide

Development guide is available here