sohoffice / descriptive-play-swagger   0.7.5

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An extension to play-swagger with the ability to show scaladoc as descriptions in the generated swagger spec.

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

This is a fork of iheartradio play-swagger. It contributes only a minor portion to the plugin, all credits go to iheartradio.

Descriptive Swagger API spec generator for Play

An extension to play-swagger with the ability to show scaladoc as descriptions in the generated swagger spec.


play-swagger is cool. It allows you to work on your play framework source files and swagger spec will be generated automatically. Following in the DRY principle, you work in one part of your application and not only the application works, but also the API is documented.

The only downside is:

The generated swagger spec does not have the support of descriptions.

It will be great if we can extract the scaladoc as the descriptions for definition classes or api parameters !

I then dive into the source codes and realized play-swagger is basically built on reflection. It will have a hard time to extract documents from source files, if this is ultimately possible. To remedy this, I've built docExtract. A scala doclet to extract documentation from your source files and it can be used to feed play-swagger.

To make the above happen, play-swagger will have to accept description feed as an external file. I've discussed with the maintainer of play-swagger, it may be too pre-mature to add another external file. So this project is forked, and docExtract was also integrated.

The usefulness of this plugin is still uncertain. But I'm happy using it to facilitate API first development principle for my new projects.


  • Only the scala source files will have the description generated
  • Scala 2.12
  • Play framework 2.7
  • Sbt 1.0+


Follow the below steps or check the seed project for reference.

  • In the project/plugins.sbt file
addSbtPlugin("com.sohoffice" %% "sbt-descriptive-play-swagger" % "0.7.5")
  • In the build.sbt file
resolvers += Resolver.bintrayIvyRepo("sohoffice", "sbt-plugins")

lazy val root = (project in file("."))
  .enablePlugins(PlayScala, SwaggerPlugin)
    // Make sure you set the swaggerDomainNameSpaces according to your package structure.
    // You'll need this setting, otherwise swagger will fail.
    // swaggerDomainNameSpaces := Seq("io")

Swagger task will be executed in the run stage, or execute swagger in sbt console to manually re-generate swagger.json

sohoffice, happy coding ~