softwaremill / gatling-zeromq   0.1.0

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A Gatling stress test plugin for ZeroMQ protocol

Scala versions: 2.11


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Goal of the project

The aim of the project is to allow load testing of applications using ZeroMQ with the help of the Gatling tool.

Adding gatling-zeromq to your project

SBT dependency:

"com.softwaremill.gatling-zeromq" %% "gatling-zeromq" % "0.1.0"

Gradle dependency:


gatling-zeromq is available for Scala 2.11 and requires Java 8.

You need to add a dependency on Gatling tool to your project since it is not bundled in this library.

Running tests

Tests in the project can be started with:

sbt gatling:test

For more information look at the Gatling SBT plugin.

ZeroMQ connector

The project uses JeroMQ as the ZeroMQ connector.


Before running a scenario, you have to provide host and port to connect to. For example:

  val config = zmqConfig

Message patterns

The plugin supports:

  • the publishing side of the PUB-SUB pattern (zmqPub("...")),
  • the requesting side of the REQ-REP pattern (zmqReq("...")),
  • and the pushing side of the PUSH-PULL pattern (zmqPush("...")),

Sending data

Sending of a message and a multi-part message is supported:

scenario("Scenario A")
        zmqPub("a request")
            .send("a message")

scenario("Scenario B")
        zmqPub("a request")
            .sendMore("a multi")

Types of data can be String, Array[Byte], numeric ones and Gatling's Expression Language strings as well.


Take a look at the open issues and pick a task you'd like to work on!