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unix domain sockets that look just like tcp sockets

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10


dressing up unix domain sockets in a tcp socket shirt and tie.


Add the following to your ivy resolver chain

resolvers += "softprops-maven" at ""


Add the following to your sbt build definition to add core interfaces to your classpath.

libraryDependencies += "me.lessis" %% "unisockets-core" % "0.1.0"


Add the following to your sbt build definition to add netty3 bindings to your classpath.

libraryDependencies += "me.lessis" %% "unisockets-netty" % "0.1.0"


note: This library requires at a minimum a java 7 jre, as the SocketChannel class changed to implement a new NetworkChannel interface in java 7.

A Unix domain socket facilitates inter-process communication between different processes on a host machine via data streamed through a local file descriptor.

Unisockets, like tcp sockets, need to be addressable. unisockets defines an implementation of a SocketAddress for these file descriptors called an Addr.

val addr = unisockets.Addr(new File("/var/run/unix.sock"))

You can get the path of the file an Addr refers to by invoking Addr#getHostName.

With an Addr, you can create instances of both nio SocketChannels

val channel =

and old io Sockets.

val socket =

You can also create disconnected instances of each calling open without arguments and calling connect(addr) at a deferred time. This library aims to stay close to familiar factory methods defined in their std lib counterparts


The unisockets-netty module provides a Netty NioSocketChannel backed by a unisockets.SocketChannel, enabling you to build netty clients for UNIX domain socket servers.

val sockets = new unisockets.ClientUdsSocketChannelFactory()

This nio socket channel factory share's many similarities with NioClientSocketChannelFactories

It's constructor takes an optional Executor for accepting connections, an optional Executor for handling requests, and an optional Timer for task scheduling.

Client's using this interface should make sure they call ClientUdsSocketChannelFactory#releaseExternalResources to release any resources acquired during request processing.

note: The Netty interface has only been tested with a Netty client pipeline with version 3.9.6.Final newer versions ( Netty 4+ ) are not supported yet but support is planned to be added in the future.

Doug Tangren (softprops) 2014-2015