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Growling sbt test results so you don't have to

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13

Growling Tests

An sbt 0.12.* plugin that growls/notifies test results.


On Mac

Install the growl extra growlnotify commandline client, make sure it's in your path and you have growl turned on.

On Ubuntu

Install the libnotify-bin package.

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin

On Windows (7) / GIT bash

Install the growl for windows package. This is available from growl for windows. This must be on the windows path. Note that the usage of growlnotify has only been tested from cygwin (specifically GIT bash). The sbt growl plugin uses growlnotify.exe, not

Project Configuration

To install on a per-project basis, add the following to your plugin definition file

addSbtPlugin("me.lessis" % "sbt-growl-plugin" % "0.1.3")

resolvers += Classpaths.sbtPluginReleases

To install globally, create a Build.scala file under ~/.sbt/plugins/project directory and add the following

import sbt._
object PluginDef extends Build {
  override def projects = Seq(root)
  lazy val root = Project("plugins", file(".")) dependsOn(growl)
  lazy val growl = uri("git://")

Run your tests with the sbt test task and you'll see the magikz.

Configuring Icons

By default the growl plugin looks for icons in ~/.sbt/growl/icons/. Specifically, it looks for:

  • pass.png - used when tests pass
  • fail.png - used when tests fail
  • error.png - used for catastrophic failures

If an icon is not found for Growl, the plugin extracts a Scala logo and places it in ~/.sbt/growl/icons/scala-logo.png to use for notifications.

The directory in which Growl looks for icons can be configured by adding this to your build.sbt file:

defaultImagePath in Growl := "/my/better/path"

You can configure images individually by reconfiguring the GrowlTestImages class. e.g.

(GrowlKeys.images in GrowlKeys.Growl) <<= (GrowlKeys.images in GrowlKeys.Growl)(i => i.copy(fail = Some("/better/fail/icon.png")))


  • support like notifiers on other OS's

2010-2012 Doug Tangren (softprops) + Josh Suereth (jsuereth)