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pour some coffee for scala

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13

CoffeeScripted Sbt

In the tradition of CoffeeScript Plugins, this Sbt plugin compiles CoffeeScript sources into JavaScript.

CoffeeScript Scala


For sbt 0.11.+

In your project, define a file for plugin library dependencies, project/plugins.sbt

And add the following lines

addSbtPlugin("me.lessis" % "coffeescripted-sbt" % "0.2.3")

If you haven't already, append the sbt community plugin resolver to your plugin definition, and add the following line as well

resolvers += Resolver.url("sbt-plugin-releases",
  new URL(""))(

In your build.sbt file add the following line

seq(coffeeSettings: _*)


coffee # compiles CoffeeScript source files
bare(for coffee) # removes function wrapper from generated JavaScript sources
iced(for coffee) # compiles CoffeeScript use the iced CoffeeScript compiler
charset(for coffee) # sets the character encoding used to generate files
exclude-filter(for coffee) # filter for files ignored by plugin
unmanaged-sources(for coffee) # lists resolved CoffeeScript sources
clean(for coffee) # deletes compiled JavaScript resources    
config:source-directory(for coffee) # directory containging CoffeeScript sources
config:resource-managed(for coffee) # where compiled JavaScript will be copied to


By default, generated JavaScript resources are wrapped in an anonymous module.

(function() {

  // your code here


CoffeeScripted enables bare-style JavaScript as well. Bare-style JavaScript is JavaScript that is not defined wrapped in an anonymous function module. You can control this in coffeescripted-sbt by overriding the bare setting. To enable bare-style JavaScript, append the following to your build definition.

(CoffeeKeys.bare in (Compile, := true

The enhanced iced compiler adds two new asynchronous control primitives await and defer. To take advantage of them, use the iced setting.

(CoffeeKeys.iced in (Compile, := true

Note, Iced CoffeeScript is a superset of CoffeeScript, meaning all of your CoffeeScript will work without change under the iced compiler. In iced mode, all .coffee and .iced files will get compiled using the iced compiler. You can revert back to standard CoffeeScript by leaving the iced setting as false. Only .coffee files will be compiled under the default coffee compiler, leaving you free to mix ice with your coffee safely.

By default, CoffeeScript sources are resolved under src/main/coffee and compiled JavaScript will be copied to target/scala-2.9.1/resource_managed/main/js

You can override this behavior by overriding the resourceManaged setting scoped to your configuration and the task. Below is an example you can append to your build definition. It will copy generated JavaScript to target/:scala-version/your_preference/js

(resourceManaged in (Compile, <<= (crossTarget in Compile)(_ / "your_preference" / "js")


This was converted into a plugin based on a gist by zentroupe targeting sbt 0.11.*

This plugin currently uses the v1.2.0 version of the CoffeeScript js compiler and the v1.2.0j version of the iced CoffeeScript compiler.

Doug Tangren (softprops) 2011-2012