sjrd / sjsir-interpreter   0.5.0

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Scala versions: 2.13
Scala.js versions: 1.x

Scala.js IR Interpreter

sjsir-interpreter is an interpreter for .sjsir files, i.e., the IR of Scala.js.

Normally, .sjsir files are an intermediate product in the Scala.js compilation pipeline. They are processed by the linker to produce one or more .js files, which can be run by a JS engine.

In contrast, sjsir-interpreter directly reads and executes .sjsir files. This is (much) slower, but it allows to dynamically load more .sjsir files.


The Scala.js IR Interpreter comes as a Scala.js library exposing a very small surface API.

Depend on it with

libraryDependencies += "be.doeraene" %%% "sjsir-interpreter" % "0.4.0"

This library requires ECMAScript 2016+. Configure it in your settings with

import org.scalajs.linker.interface.ESVersion
scalaJSLinkerConfig ~= { _.withESFeatures(_.withESVersion(ESVersion.ES2016)) },

Then use an instance of org.scalajs.sjsirinterpreter.core.Interpreter.

Local tests

Unit tests

Run the core API tests of Interpreter:

> sjsir-interpreter/test

Run the entire Scala.js test suite, interpreted by the sjsir-interpreter:

> scalajs-test-suite/test


The sample project is configured to be run with the interpreter. Compile and run it through the interpreter with

> sample/run

The sjsir-interpreter-browser project provides an in-browser demo of the reversi, interpreted. Build it with

> sjsir-interpreter-browser/fastOptJS

then start a local HTTP server from within the stage/ directory, for example with npx http-server:

$ cd stage/
$ npx http-server

and open the displayed local URL in a browser.


This project is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.


This project was prototyped by @youroff in the context of a master project at EPFL, Switzerland.