sclasen / play-extras   0.2.16

Scala versions: 2.10


This project contains useful functionality for developing Play 2.0 Scala apps, especially on Heroku

Whats here

  • Anorm Column and ToStatement impls that make dealing with Postgres HStore and Enum types easy.
  • Enhanced Evolutions plugin that does locking so your dynos dont stomp on each other (will be in Play soon) and enable/disable evolutions per db.
  • Extensions to play.api.libs.concurrent.Promise that make using services that return Promises ( for example) easier to deal with.
  • Actor Based logback console appender. Reduces synchronization contention on System.out, use instead of logback ConsoleAppender.
  • PusherService for triggering events, verifying webhooks, and authorizing private and presence channels on Pusher addon.
  • RedisService for configuring Jedis via REDISTOGO_URL supplied by RedisToGo addon, and some useful redis utilities.
  • JsonAPI trait for mixing in to controllers that accept json payloads. Use scalaz validations to validate incoming json.
  • Security trait for mixing into controllers that wish to force SSL on Heroku.
  • Utilities for extracting and generating BasicAuth and URLEncoded values
  • HerokuGlobal trait that does logging in the callback methods.
  • CredentialsService, utilities for bcrypt based password hashing, strong password based encryption.

How to use

Currently, you need to add the project as a git based dependency to your play project, in Build.scala

val extras = RootProject(uri("git://"))

val main = PlayProject(appName, appVersion, appDependencies, mainLang = SCALA, settings = Defaults.defaultSettings ++ buildSettings).dependsOn(extras)

TODO publish to maven central.