sciss / kontur   1.1.0


A multitrack sound editor, based on ScalaCollider, and with the ability to algorithmically manipulate the timeline regions.

Scala versions: 2.10


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Kontur is (C)opyright by 2004–2018 Hanns Holger. All rights reserved. It is released under the GNU General Public License. Kontur is a multi-track audio editor based on ScalaCollider. It provides programmatic (REPL) access to its session elements, allowing for algorithmic manipulation in the Scala programming language.

Note: This project is now largely superseded by Mellite. Almost all of Kontur's functionality is available there. A little utility ConvertKonturToMellite should make it easy to convert Kontur sessions to Mellite workspaces.

requirements / installation

Builds with sbt 0.13 and compiles against Scala 2.11 and 2.10. Requires JDK 8. Depends on ScalaCollider-Swing. sbt should be able to pull these dependencies from the net or your local ivy2 folder. The MRJAdapter library is included as binary in the lib folder for simplicity.

sbt compile will then build the project, and sbt appbundle will update the OS X application bundle, while sbt assembly creates a self-contained double-clickable jar (which you can use on platforms other than OS X)

The create the API documentation, run sbt doc.


The current version can be downloaded from


A short screencast is available on Vimeo.