scassandra / scassandra-server   1.1.2

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Stubbed Cassandra

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10

Scassandra - Making testing Apache Cassandra easy

Migrating to Version 1.*

A few minor changes in the API:

Java client:

  • All deprecated methods have been removed
  • Result has become a top level class
  • Consistency has become at top level class


  • No breaking changes

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Supports Apache Cassandra Protocol Versions 1 through 4.

Datastax Java 3.x and 2.x support.

Stubbed Cassandra runs as a separate process that your application will believe is a real Cassandra node. It does this by implementing the server side of the binary protocol. It allows you to create scenarios like read time outs, write time outs and unavailable exceptions so you can test your application.

See web site for documentation.


We'd love to have more contributors so get stuck in!

The whole project is built and tested with gradle. Imports into IntelliJ (Scala plugin required) without any extra config.

To run all tests:

sbt test

It is made up of:

  • cql-antlr - parses cql types using an antlr4 grammar.
  • codec - parses Apache Cassandra's native protocol using scodec.
  • server - accepts requests over the native protocol and priming over JSON/HTTP. Written in Scala
  • java-client - wrapper for starting the sever in the same JVM as unit/integration tests and a Java API for the priming endpoinds
  • java-it-tests - integration tests against multiple versions of the DataStax Java driver

For any features you add please make them available in the Java client. All communication between the Java Client and the server is over HTTP.

Beware that there are deprecation warnings in the integration tests. Don't fix these as I still want to test deprecated APIs.

We're in the process or moving back to SBT for cross compilation. Things that need finished:

  • Releasing
  • Pushing to maven central
  • License headers

PR guidelines

  • Squash your commits so that each commit is fully functional and passes all tests, including any new API exposed via the Java client
  • Any format changes please put in a separate commit
  • All features should be unit tested in the server and have an integration test
  • Add docs for any new features