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Chalk is a natural language processing library.

Scala versions: 2.10


NOTE: This project is currently dormant with no current prospect for further development. Suggestion: check out OpenNLP or StanfordNLP for the JVM or spaCy for Python. (If anyone would like to do something like spaCy for Scala, that would be fantastic.)


Chalk is a library for natural language processing (NLP).

What's inside

The latest stable version is 1.3.2. Changes from the previous release include:

  • Initial implementation of functional pipelines for NLP applications, and actor-based pipelines based on those components.

See the CHANGELOG for changes in previous versions.

Using Chalk


libraryDependencies += "org.scalanlp" %% "chalk" % "1.3.0"

In Maven:



Configuring your environment variables

Set JAVA_HOME to match the top level directory containing the Java installation you want to use. If you want to be able to use the chalk command line executable, set CHALK_DIR to where you put Chalk, and then add the directory CHALK_DIR/bin to your path.

Building the system from source

Chalk uses SBT (Simple Build Tool) with a standard directory structure. To build Chalk, type (in the CHALK_DIR directory):

$ ./build update compile

This will compile the source files and put them in ./target/classes. If this is your first time running it, you will see messages about Scala being downloaded -- this is fine and expected. Once that is over, the Chalk code will be compiled.

To try out other build targets, do:

$ ./build

To make sure all the tests pass, do:

$ ./build test

Documentation for SBT is at

Questions or suggestions?

Email Jason Baldridge: [email protected]

Or, create an issue: