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Scaladex is the website where the open source Scala libraries are indexed. Its main purpose is to help Scala developers find useful libraries and to help library authors promote their libraries and find new contributors.


Scala Center

This project is funded by the Scala Center.

How it works

Scaladex receives poms automatically from Maven Central (Sonatype) based on the binary version of the artifact ID. Some valid Scala binary versions are _2.13, _3, _sjs1_3, _native0.4_2.13, _2.12_1.0.

Scaladex associates a new artifact to a project by looking at the scm (Source Code Management) attribute in the pom file. At the moment Scaladex only supports Github repositories.

The description of a project (its readme, its avatar, its website link...) are automatically downloaded from Github.


My project is missing or some artifacts are missing

Did you publish the artifacts to Maven Central?

Check out how to publish to Maven Central with sbt or Mill:

You can also watch The Last 10 Percent by Stefan Zeiger.

What is the binary version of your artifacts?

If your artifact does not have any binary version it is considered a Java artifact and it will not be automatically indexed. Yet some Java artifact are closely related to Scala. In that case you can force its indexing by updating the non-standard.json file in the scaladex-contrib repository.

At the moment we don't support full Scala binary versions, that are often used in Scala compiler plugins.

Does the pom file contain the scm attribute and does it points to a public Github repository?

If not you can claim that the artifact belongs to your Github repository by updating the claims.json file in the scaladex-contrib repository.

If your project is not hosted by Github you should consider creating a mirror of it in Github.

Do not forget to update the scmInfo setting in your build file before the next release.

My project is hard to find in the search page

Read How to improve the visibility of your project.

How to contribute

Join the channel and read the Contributing Guide


Show the versions of Scala supported by your project!

You can add this badge to the README.MD of your own GitHub projects to show the versions of Scala they support:

cats-core Scala version support

The badge above only summarises latest JVM artifacts, if you'd like a badge for Scala JS or Scala Native, add a targetType=... query-string parameter:

cats-core Scala version support

cats-core Scala version support

Smaller, shorter badges

Latest version

Latest version

For more information read the API