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The Scala Compiler Plugin for Scala2TS

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11


Transform your Scala classes, objects and traits into Typescript interfaces and classes

This repository contains the parser, transpiler and renderer for the scala2ts project. It's primary purpose is to act as a Scala compiler plugin that, on compile, will produce equivalent Typescript typings for your desired Scala classes, objects and traits.


It is highly recommended that if you use SBT for your project, to use the scala2ts-sbt SBT plugin instead of this project directly. It streamlines adding the compiler plugin and configuring it for you.

You can find the project here. If you dont use SBT or have a more complex build configuration, proceed below.


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Version Scala
1.1.x 2.13
1.0.x 2.13


// build.sbt

lazy val yourProject = (project in file("."))
    autoCompilerPlugins := true,
    addCompilerPlugin("com.github.scala2ts" % "scala2ts-core" % "latestVersion"),
    scalacOptions := Seq(
      // See below for configuration options

Adding autoCompilerPlugins tells SBT to automatically include the -Xplugin scalac flag with the appropriate path to found compiler plugins.


There are many configuration options in how and what Typescript is emitted from your Scala code. The defaults of which can be found in the com.github.scala2ts.configuration.Configuration case class. For ease of use, here is the current list of configuration options and their defaults:

Option Flag Multi Type Default Description
Debug -P:scala2ts:debug no Boolean false Enable debug logging
Include File -P:scala2ts:file:includes yes Regex File path to include in compilation
Exclude File -P:scala2ts:file:excludes yes Regex File path to exclude in compilation
Include Type -P:scala2ts:type:includes yes Regex Type name to include in compilation
Exclude Type -P:scala2ts:type:excludes yes Regex Type name to exclude in compilation
Prefix -P:scala2ts:type:prefix no String A prefix to use in your Typescript names (e.g. I for IInterface)
Suffix -P:scala2ts:type:suffix no String A suffix to use in your Typescript names (e.g. Data InterfaceData)
Date Mapping -P:scala2ts:date no String AsDate How to emit Date types (options: AsDate, AsString, AsNumber)
Long & Double Mapping -P:scala2ts:longDouble no String AsString How to emit Long(s) or Double(s) (options: AsString, AsNumber)
Sealed Trait Type Mapping -P:scala2ts:sealedTypes no SealedTypesMapping None Emit an enum or type union for a sealed trait/class's members (options: None, AsEnum, AsUnion, AsUnionString)
Render As -P:scala2ts:renderAs no RenderAs Interface How to render interfaces/classes
Class Discriminator -P:scala2ts:includeDiscriminator no Boolean false Include a class property that acts as a discriminator
Discriminator Name -P:scala2ts:discriminatorName no String "type" The name of the class discriminator property
Output Directory -P:scala2ts:outDir no String What directory to emit files to
Output File Name -P:scala2ts:outFileName no String index.d.ts The name of the outputted Typescript file
package.json Name -P:scala2ts:pj:name no String The name to use in package.json. Note: This is the only required field to enable package.json to emit
package.json Version -P:scala2ts:pj:name no String The version to use in package.json
package.json Types -P:scala2ts:pj:types no String The path to use in the types field of package.json
package.json publishConfig Registry -P:scala2ts:pj:registry no String The url to use for an external NPM registry


Most current Scala -> TS solutions rely on SBT, where they couple the transpile code within an SBT plugin. The way SBT operates, it has its own Scala version separate from the project its operating on. This means that these plugins can only operate on 2.10 (SBT 0.x) and 2.12 (SBT 1.x) codebases.

Why is this the case? Scala's reflection library can only operate on Scala code produced by the specific Scala version being used at the time. If I compile a 2.13 project, I cannot use the 2.12 reflection library against that code. This is where the limitations of the current SBT plugins comes to light.

This library tries to eliminate that by operating at the compiler level, where we're guaranteed binary compatibility. The SBT plugin (scala2ts-sbt) merely acts as a configuration layer for the compiler plugin.


Big thanks to the maintainers of scala-ts and Typescript-Generator projects, specifically @cchantep PR with the scala-tslibrary which was the inspiration for this project.