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:wrench: Scala datamodel transpiler

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12 2.11 2.10
sbt plugins: 1.0 0.13


Scala-TS generate TypeScript from Scala.

Help to integrate REST-ful Scala backend and TypeScript frontend. Having defined Scala types returned by your endpoints you can easily generate TypeScript definitions for consuming these endpoints.


Scala-TS can be used either standalone or as a SBT plugin.


Maven javadoc

Build manually

The core library and compiler plugin can be built using SBT.

sbt +core/publishLocal

The SBT plugin can also be built:

sbt '^ sbt-plugin/publishLocal'

Running tests: CI

The tests for the core library and compiler plugin can be executed.

sbt +core/test

The scripted tests for the SBT plugins can also be executed.

sbt ';^ sbt-plugin/testOnly ;^ sbt-plugin/scripted'

Considering a single scripted tests (e.g. simple), it can be executed interactively for development purpose.

export SCRIPTED_TEST="simple"
export PLUGIN_VERSION="0.5.7"
export SBT_VERSION="1.9.7"

cd "sbt-plugin/src/sbt-test/sbt-scala-ts/${SCRIPTED_TEST}"
sbt "-J-Dscala-ts.version=${PLUGIN_VERSION}" "-J-Dsbt.version=${SBT_VERSION}"

Publish on Sonatype:


project sbt-plugin
project sbt-plugin-idtlt
project sbt-plugin-python
project python
project idtlt
project core


Many thanks to all the contributors.