sbt / sbt-license-report   1.2.0


Report on licenses used in an sbt project.

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


This plugin will allow you to report the licenses used in your projects. It requires 1.0.0+.


Create a file in your project called project/license.sbt with the following contents:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.sbt" % "sbt-license-report" % "<latest-version>")


 > dumpLicenseReport

This dumps a report of all the licenses used in a project, with an attempt to organize them. These are dumped, by default, to the target/license-reports directory.

If you happen to be using a multi project sbt build, you can instead use dumpLicenseReportAggregate (which collects the results from aggregate on the root project) or dumpLicenseReportAnyProject (which collects the results for all projects in the sbt build). In either case the results will be merged into a single report file in a format that mirrors dumpLicenseReport.

Check licenses

If you want to check that only certain licenses are used in a project, you can use

 > licenseCheck

This ensures all licenses fall into one of the categories given by licenseCheckAllow which defaults to a set of commonly allowed OSS licenses. You can also exclude dependencies from the license check by providing licenseCheckExclusions.


The license report plugin can be configured to dump any number of reports, but the default report can be controlled via the following keys:

import sbtlicensereport.license.{LicenseInfo, DepModuleInfo}

// Used to name the report file, and in the HTML/Markdown as the
// title.
licenseReportTitle := "Example Report"

// Add style rules to the report.
licenseReportStyleRules := Some("table, th, td {border: 1px solid black;}")

// The ivy configurations we'd like to grab licenses for.
licenseConfigurations := Set("compile", "provided")

// The order in which we find/choose licenses.  You can add your own license
// detection here
licenseSelection := Seq(LicenseCategory.BSD, LicenseCategory.Apache)

// Attach notes to modules
licenseReportNotes := {
  case DepModuleInfo(group, id, version) if group == "example" => "Made up artifact"

// Override the license information from ivy, if it's non-existent or
// wrong
licenseOverrides := {
  case DepModuleInfo("com.jsuereth", _, _) =>
    LicenseInfo(LicenseCategory.BSD, "BSD-3-Clause", "")

// Want to exclude any artifacts from org.scala-lang organization. Note that transitive dependencies
// of a filtered DepModuleInfo will NOT get filtered out
licenseDepExclusions := {
    case DepModuleInfo("org.scala-lang", _, _) => true

// Want to exclude any artifact named icu4j from the license check, but keep it in the reports.
licenseCheckExclusions := {
    case DepModuleInfo(_, "icu4j", _) => true


This plugin uses sbt-ci-release. To release a new version you just need to tag and push the new tag. That will trigger CI to publish a new release.


This software is under the Apache 2.0 License.