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Trust no-one, and especially not memory visibility.

Scala versions: 2.12 2.10
sbt plugins: 1.0 0.13



The Java Concurrency Stress tests (jcstress) is an experimental harness and a suite of tests to aid the research in the correctness of concurrency support in the JVM, class libraries, and hardware.

jcstress is part of OpenJDK:

Sidenote: jcstress is a very specialized tool, and unlike jmh (and sbt-jmh), it is rather unlikely you actually need it - unless you're implementing low level concurrency primitives.

The plugin is available for sbt 1.0.0.

The purpose of this plugin is to make it trivial to use jcstress with sbt.

Get the latest via:

// project/plugins.sbt
addSbtPlugin("pl.project13.scala" % "sbt-jcstress" % pluginVersionHere)

and enable it:

// build.sbt

To run all tests you can simply invoke:

 > jcstress:run

Results are then available in results/index.html and respective pages for each test. Here's an example of how a failed spec would look like (modified example to make it fail):

failure summary table


Please note that this plugin is mostly developed on a "on demand" basis by and for myself, contributions are very (!) welcome since I most likely will not focus much on it unless I need more features (and for now estimates and internal are all I needed).


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