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Generates JSON Schema from Scala classes

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11


This is a fork of that merges several sanity updates and updates some features to be of use with the current status of JSON schemas.

This fork is published on maven central. See Installation section for instructions.

Generate JSON Schema from Scala classes!


  • Generates JSON Schema from classes
  • Annotate your classes to customize schema generation
  • Supports common types
    • Seq, Lists, Arrays, etc.
    • Options
    • java.util.Date and Joda DateTime
    • String, Boolean, Int, Long, Double
    • java.util.UUID
  • Caching of generated schema

Unsupported Features

  • Play Framework JSON types


Add this line to your build.sbt:

    libraryDependencies += "com.sauldhernandez" %% "autoschema" % "1.0.4"


With a type parameter

    case class MyType(myValue: Int)

With a reflection type



AutoSchema has a few annotations that you can use to customize generated schema


Lets you manually define comments for case clases and fields which are translated in a description field of the commented element in the JSON schema.

    @Description("This is my class")
    case class MyClass(@Term.Description("This is my field") myField: String)


Lets you manually set the type and format values of the schema to be generated for a specific type or value

On a Type

    @FormatAs("string", "date")
    case class MyDateType

On a Value

    case class MyType(@Term.FormatAs("string", "date") date: String)


Lets you use the schema of some type as the schema for another type or value

On a Type

    case class MyIntLikeType

On a Value

    case class MyType(@Term.ExposeAs[Id] id: MyTypeId)


Lets you hide a value in generated schema

    case class MyType(@Term.Hide mySecretField: Int)

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