ricsirigu / rogue-fsqio   3.1.17

Apache License 2.0 GitHub

Adaptation of rogue from https://github.com/foursquare/fsqio

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11


Rogue is a type-safe internal Scala DSL for constructing and executing find and modify commands against MongoDB in the Lift web framework. Originally developed by Foursquare, then re-published as part of Foursquare monorepo

Sgrouples changes to the original

  1. Mongo java driver updated to version 3.2.x to support MongoDB version 3.2 and up
  2. Support for non-blocking IO via async functions like getAsync, fetchAsync etc. Note that for really non-blocking io, you need to use MongoDB version 3.2 and higher, as earlier versions of Mongo don't have non-blocking protocol implemented, and in effect connection pool will be exhausted anyway
  3. Spindle support is not implemented, as we don't use it internally
  4. Build is standard sbt instead of pants

Building and installing

Standard sbt build, so just sbt package; sbt publish-local is enough.


  1. define your model as a case class CC supported types: Boolean, Int, Long, String, ObjectId, Tagged ObjectId (shapeless @@), Double, UUID, java.time.LocalDateTime, java.time.Instant, Map[String, _] , List[_], Option[_], Array[_]

inside _ can be eny of supported types or a case class - so nesting is allowed.

Enumerations are handled separately - you need to import either me.sgrouples.rogue.EnumNameFormats._ if you want to serialize Enumeration names or me.sgrouples.rogue.EnumValueFormats._ if you want to serialize integers.

Default values handling: if database lacks value that can be deserialized into required format, a default value is provided, those are, 0 of specific type or empty. This is a heritage from Lift Active record, and might be changed in the future.

  1. Create RCcMeta[CC] object with definition of your fields. They must match case class fields

  2. Create connection to Mongo and put it on


+ sbt publishSigned

+ sbt sonatypeRelease