redbubble / finagle-hawk   0.3.0

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HTTP Holder-Of-Key Authentication Scheme for Finagle

Scala versions: 2.12

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HAWK Support for Finagle/Finch

HTTP Holder-Of-Key Authentication Scheme (Hawk) support for Finagle.

Note that it currently doesn't support Response Payload Validation.

Almost all of this library is Finagle agnostic, only HawkAuthenticateRequestFilter is tied to Finagle.

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You will need to add something like the following to your build.sbt:

resolvers += Resolver.jcenterRepo

libraryDependencies += "com.redbubble" %% "finagle-hawk" % "0.3.1"


val creds = Credentials(KeyId("Key ID"), Key("8e2dd2949b0e30c544336f73f94e2df3"), Sha256)

object AuthenticationFilter extends HawkAuthenticateRequestFilter(creds)

val authenticatedService = AuthenticationFilter andThen service


For contributors, a cheat sheet to making a new release:

$ git commit -m "New things" && git push
$ git tag -a v0.0.3 -m "v0.0.3"
$ git push --tags
$ ./sbt publish


Issues and pull requests are welcome. Code contributions should be aligned with the above scope to be included, and include unit tests.