ReactiveMongo Scalafix

Scalafix rules for ReactiveMongo


Scalafix rules to upgrade code using ReactiveMongo and check good practice for such integration.


These rules can be configured in a SBT build.

First setup Scalafix in the SBT build.

Then configure the ReactiveMongo rules:

scalafixDependencies in ThisBuild ++= Seq(
  "org.reactivemongo" %% "reactivemongo-scalafix" % VERSION)

To run the rules in SBT:

test:scalafix ReactiveMongoUpgrade
test:scalafix ReactiveMongoLinter --check


Build manually

ReactiveMongo BSON libraries can be built from this source repository.

sbt publishLocal

To run the tests, use:

sbt -Dreactivemongo.api.migrationRequired.nonFatal=yes test